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commands for zoom line thickness + b/w toggle

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I heard there is way to key assign zoom line thickness, and b/w toggle.

It is cumbersome to do it through document set up everytime I print.

Can any one explain how to script the command, and where to save it.

When it comes to vector script, I'm totally new.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Using the edit workspace function.

Open VW. Go down the FILE till you see Workspaces. Choose Workspace Editor. Choose your option, it depends if you've modified your workspace, but I choose edit current workspace.

You'll see two large windows appear. Drag the command, any, it does not have to be the ones we talked about, any you want to use frequently over from the left hand window to the right hand window, making sure its in the right position. Location in this case should be under the heading Document Context(right click on document)

You may need to expand that by hitting the plus symbol to locate it better/exactly were you want it to appear in the running order.

Close it and now try your right mouse button whilst in a blank area of the drawing.

Welcome to the flexibility of the VW interface.

Glad to help.


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