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Issue Manager Problems

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I'm running into some new problems with the Issue Manager Tool. I use a custom title block that worked fine in VW12, but in 12.5 here is what is happening- When I go to add an issue date, it overwirtes the previous issue date in that field. There is no way I can see to get it to add another date in addition to what was shown previously (as it used to do). I went into a new file and tried inserting a new VW standard title block and tried updating its info with the Issue Manager to see if it was just my custom title block. Issue Manager only gave me an option to update the issue and date, and not project or sheet info. It wouldn't change the date or issue info after trying to enter something in and clicking okay.

Anyone else having problems with this?

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Are you trying to add another issue by using Issue Manager or by clicking "Edit Issue Data" in the Object Info palette? What VW standard title block were you using? Are you saying that the Project Data and Sheet Data panes did not show up on the Issue Manager dialog?

Can you send me a drawing with your custom title block in it so I can take a look at it?

Tom Urie

Nemetschek, N.A.


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File just emailed. Per my email, I was trying to edit the issue date on the title block by using the Issue Manager to update it with a new issue date and remark. I don't know how to add multiple lines to a field in the OIP Data pane if there is only one line present. Hitting return takes you to the next field.

Project and Sheet Data were not showing up when I tried to edit one of the default title blocks with the Issue Manager.

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