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Big problem with Section Viewports 12.5.0


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I have emailed a file to tech support. It has a fairly complex house design and we have suddenly lost the ability to update the sections viewports.

This is critical because the client expects us to deliver final drawings this Tuesday! and we have a lot of information in the Section Viewport annotations.

Our current work around strategy is to copy our annotation out of the viewports onto a design layer, then redo the sections.

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OK - this is simply a power user using the software to the max, burning the midnight oil on a drop-dead-line and lo? he panics issue. David in Tech Support went through it with me and it turns out that since the sections are through a complex building with multiple roof planes, circular stairs in a round tower and mullioned windows with gothic tops, etc, etc. the computer has to crunch through a whole lot of stuff. So it requires patience. Even with a G% 2.5 Ghz, dual processor with 8GB RAM and 500MB 7200 RPM HD.

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I have also started having serious problems with section viewports - crash after crash after crash when updating or creating. The number of bugs and crashes (from this and other bugs) is becoming *very* expensive. Does a patch to fix this exist? If so, then how can a user (UK in this case) get a patch asap to fix this?

The bug frustrations and failures are overcoming the program's usefullness....

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It shouldn't be crashing. If you are having problems with the file, any file, please send details of the problem along with the file, info about the version of VW and OS, as well as the exact crash message.

Without that information, it's hard for anyne to even begin to help you.

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Hi Katie,

I reported the problem via the bug report link/page - have not heard from them yet (emailed them Sunday just passed). Provided all of the information, including details from Microsoft's generated error report. BTW for your and other's info this is happening with different files (moderately complex to very simple) running XP (V2 with latest updates), 1Gb RAM, Pentium 2.13GHz CPU. Some of these files were originally created with v12.1. Some files use data copied to new files (under v12.5) in an attempt to bypass the problem. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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