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VW 12.5 Worksheet Woes

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VW 12.5 on Windows XP

I have always found the VW Worksheets to be difficult to be difficult to manipulate. The VW 12.5 version is much better than before, but still not very adaptable to my needs. In any case, I quickly created an Equipment List in Excel for distribution by email in 8 1/2 x 11 format. Now I want to put in on the Equipment drawing. The layout is already perfect, so I tried to paste it as an image, but the image quality was poor in both JPG and PNG at 300dpi.

A) So I imported the data into a VW worksheet and reformatted everything. I carefully resized the column widths (by pixels) until they looked right in the editor. But after I saved and placed it on the drawing, the column widths were back to the original size. I tried to grab and move the column dividers as in Excel. But after I moved a few, it started displacing some already moved.

B) I changed some text to Bold in the editor. But when placed on the drawing, the bold font had changed from ARIAL to another font style like ACCENT.

C) After data entry, I would like to be able to rescale the whole WS to fit the space on the drawing. But I couldn't find any way to do it, except to change font sizes, and then to cover parts of the WS with a white box to hide parts duplicated elsewhere.

Any suggestions to avoid future wheel-spinning would be appreciated.

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create the worksheet in a design layer

create a viewport of the worksheet

and place it on a sheet layer

scale the VP to fit whatever size to fit

and you can also crop the VP

i.e. if you only want certain columns or rows


duplicate the VP is you want Header

VP on a sheet layer can stack on top of each other

no more blank rectangles (-:

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VW12.5 on Windows XP

Thanks for the help guys. I don't use worksheets often enough to buy the OzCad tool. The built-in WS would be fine for my purposes if I could get a couple of basic operations to work properly:

1. While editing, I drag & resize the cells to fit the contents. But when I put the WS on drawing, the new size doesn't stick. Sizing the cells numerically by pixels is much more difficult for me than visually adjusting the sliders.

2. In the current case, I want to have two one-line columns and one three-line column. In the 3line column, I haven't found a way to "return" within the cell. The only method that works is to add spaces until the auto-wrap function returns to a new line. Am I missing something obvious?

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