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Hi All

I am fairly new to VectorWorks so this may seem like a stupid question but i have to ask.

How do you stop VW opening a new drawing or change the default drawing that VW opens every time the application is started using the icon from the doc.



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You can't change VW from opening a default drawing each time you open it, but just click and delete it.

To alter this to suit your default requirements, just do all the changes you want, page size units etc. etc. and then save this drawing as the default document in the VW program folder.

When you open Vw next time it should open to your user modified default drawing.


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You can't stop any document from opening at startup, but you can at least make it so it is the document you want by doing as cbaarch says above. If you hold your mouse over the "Save as Template" command it gives instructions for making it the default.

If you want no document to open, you are out of luck, but the next best thing is to just do a "command-W" as soon as it opens and the window will close.

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I don't know what the official way is to start a new file, but I take a previous job, preferably similar to the new one, simply save under the new file name, and change the data to suit. This way, all my preferred ways of working are continued, all the sheets and layers are there, symbols, scales, titles, etc.


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