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Mat Caird

critique and advice please

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Hi All

I am designing an interior refurbishment for an elevator.

I need to fake the drawing to give it a "expensive modern shiny look" rather than the crusty antique look that it has at the moment.

I have played around with the light settings but the stainless steel walls either become too blue, or too yellow.

The lights are an HDRI background, a little bit of blue layer ambient, a flourescent tube from the "accurate lamps" library, and a blue colored point light.

Thanks in advance, Mat.


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Hi Mat:

I think the lines are kind of confusing. The ceiling looks way cool!

Maybe if there was something to reflect in the exterior surfaces that would add interest? I'm thinking about an HDRI environment separate from the lighting (you can control them independently through the Lighting Options dialog).


Dave Donley


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Students at Art Center College of Design are instructed to view their work reflected in a mirror. Give it a try ... things you never noticed before will jump out.

Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of people have trouble visualizing 3d Space. Therefore, an initial 'single point of visual scale reference' like a human figure is essential.

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Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of people have trouble visualizing 3d Space.


Generally I think the rendering is good and the tweaks suggested also.

What I would add to EJ's observation is that drgs have to be made to suit the audience.

If the Audience is the Apartement "Condo Board" that you're pitching to, then I would lose the cut away detail at the intersection off the door and floor, the 'mystery box' at the right-hand outside the car, even the hollowness of the stainless panels, etc, etc.

Concentrate on what it will look like for them.

If the sheet is for the building maintenance manager, then the focus will be somewhat more technical and include details like the ones I've just mentioned. and so on......



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Hi Everyone, thanks for all your comments.

Ok so I took on board some of the suggestions and have come up with this, which I am happy with.

Further comments for interest sake would be appreciated.


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I particularly like the Water Colour-y" effect you've got there Mat.

How did you do that?

A couple of minor points I would raise:

Your note for patterned SS wall panels seems to point to wood grain.

Your note for dark chocolate floor tiles appears to point to light "slate grey" tiles



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That's way kool !

Although, the section-cut angle requires a distinct vertical registration line... showing a simple outline box shape for the dimensions of the elevator connected to the ceiling will tie it all together.

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Nicholas - diffuse glow in photoshop (on a new layer with opacity set to 25%), then find edges (of the original, (on a new layer with opacity set to 25%).

Is, - you're right, I should have drawn the box - oh well it's gone to the Client now.

Thanks guys


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How do you guys get that nice smooth finish?

What are the procedures and software used for 'post-editing' of renderings?

thanks in advance


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