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12.5 Cabinet PIO Issues and a breif rant


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I wish this BB had an emoticon for flogging a dead horse...

Fist the technical issues?.

Peninsula. A base cabinet peninsula should accommodate a kick on both sides of the cabinet. When 'show kick' is selected, it cuts a kick on both side but only shows the kick material on one side. Additionally, the peninsula option creates an end condition for the countertop but not the kick.

Handles. Although a door handle height configuration is available and a door handle offset is not, the handles offset anyway in a rather peculiar manner. See image below...

Wall cabinets. Although not shown in the image, the wall cabinet AFF configuration is not accurate. I have 4 separate wall cabinets with the same 42" AFF setting yet all 4 wall cabinets sit at different heights.

Now the rant?..

In the NNA 'What's new in 12' PDF there's talk of new features with the Base Cabinet PIO that allow you utilize new door styles and map textures however; the basic elements of the PIO still don't work. It's becoming increasingly frustrating when NNA take many small steps backwards with the new releases. For example:

- The stair tool configuration in 12.0 used to highlight the current stair flight being configured in red and now it?s gone.

- Display refresh issues when zooming.

- Stacked Layers working intermittently.

- Stacked layer impacting cut and paste command.

These are just a few of the bread and butter commands that worked well enough in 12.0 but are buggy to say the least in 12.5. When used multiple times in a day, the flaws in these commands add up to some pretty large delays in the work flow. I?d rather NNA focus on developing the basic tools so that they work consistently rather than introducing new tools and letting the basics slip through the cracks.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

These problems have been bug listed.

We have not been able to duplicate the problem with the AFF height. Are the wall cabinest at different Z heights? The final AFF height is determined by the AFF value and the Z value. If your Z values and AFF walues match, please send the file to my attention at bugsubmit@nemetschek.net

The problem with the handles only accures when change the object in a 3D view and you have used the flyover tool, and not rotated about the center of the ground plane. Till the issues is resolved, switch to a top/plan view and regenerate the object by changing a parameter. This will cause the handles to move back to the proper location.

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I always found the Cabinet PIO tool very crude and non intuitive in any way. It is an add on - just for emergencies not suitable for anything else - my thoughts.

And as I see Vectorworks as an Architectural Software, I hope it spends its priorities on other items than a Cabinet PIO. As there are other and better plug-ins out there to create cabinets in a more professional way.

One of I can think of and use in our Offive is called InteriorCad. Very intuitive, easy to use and made by professionals, we use InteriorCad in our Office on a daily basis.

One grape I have with Nemetschek is that with almost every version upgrade the extension names are changed. So we End Users always have to wait till our Plug-In Providers have their Software updated and by that time Vectorworks is changing again the extension names.

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