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Zoom issue

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Hi there,

I have recently updated from vw11.5 to vw12.5 and have been working through the changes and fixing any little issues that I can. I however am just trying to fix a little issue when zooming with the mouse scroll wheel. When you zoom in the image becomes very blocky and will pause, briefly before the image corrects itself. I have done a search and found a few threads which mention this problem but I have not been able to find one that resolves the issue. Does anyone know if there is a solution for this problem.

Any help would be much appreciated


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This is the expected behavior on detailed and complex drawings, or slower video cards.

When zooming, the screen needs to redraw every movement. To speed things up, the drawing within the application window is temporarily converted to a bitmap. When the zooming completes, the image is redrawn. The bitmap conversion step eliminates unnecessary redraws, which aid in the speed of zooming.

Depending on the drawing - how many objects, type of objects, number of vertices, and alot more criteria - will determine how quick the final redraw occurs. The video card also plays a role here - the faster/better the video card, the more noticable the redraw speeds in the majority of cases. The other factor is video drivers. Make sure your video card has up to date drivers installed. This will significantly affect speed amongst other details.

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Good point Hugo. I too would like to find this out. I am currently running an Nvidia 6600 with 256 ram and looking at data I found on tomshardware.com, relating to frames per second, My 6600 is slightly slower than your x1600, but not much. Both cards are definitely closer to the bottom than the top, but how high do you need to go. Sure bigger is better but the higher you get the more disproportional the price/performance ratio gets. I also would not like to spend to little and be disappointed. I have also had suggestions that a card with greater ram may be better, though from what I have read this my not be as important as other speed related features of the card.

Any outside knowledge would be great


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Katie, Im sorry but this is just not acceptable. This did not happen in 12.0.1 so why is it happening now? My system should be more than up to the re-draws and as it managed it in 12.0.1 it must be the software that is at fault, not my video card (running the latest Nvidia driver) What has changed in the software to cause this? In which future upgrade will it be ironed out?


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I understand where you are coming from. With that said, I don't see a difference and I have a video card that's on the low end of the spectrum.

If I can take a look at the files that you are seeing and try them on my computer, it can either rule out a number of factors, or provide additional information into the situation.

It's up to you. However, without a file, I can't duplicate the problem and therefore have no other suggestions.

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I too have been experiencing similar problems. I posted this on the ListServe on Sept. 21....

Since upgrading to 12.5 I?ve been experiencing the following video display issues:

- When zooming in and then zooming out, everything outside the viewable area disappears. (Manual regen fixes this issue)

- When zooming in and out Vector Caching seems to freeze leaving me with a low-res and un-editable drawing file. This happens whether Vector Caching is on and off. (Manual regen fixes this issue)

- When zooming in and out, the selection handles of a selected object disappear. (Manual regen fixes this issue)

My current configuration:

- VWA 12.5 with Renderworks

- WinXP Pro with SP2

- Intel Pentium D 3.2ghz

- 2GB Ram

- nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX 256mb using Digital output. (1680x1050)

None of this happened in 12.0.1. and installing the latest graphics drivers did not solve the problem. I?m getting tired of manually regen-ing, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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For what it's worth, this is one of the first things I noticed about the12.5 upgraded floor plans (created in 12.0) while zooming. Mostly everything was as it should be, but occasionally, while zooming in and out, things get pixelated. (This is with quartz imaging selected.) It corrects itself quickly, but is definitely different from 12.0. I'm also test driving on a laptop that is not my work-horse, which could explain the difference.

12.5 test run on:

Mac PowerBook Laptop

1.67 Ghz PowerPC G4


version 10.4.8

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I don't think this is a pc or mac issue. This is a perception issue. Most pc users are probably coming from AutoCad which has a real time scroll zoom without any annoying pausing bitmaps. We can try all kinds of settings and upgrade to the fastest equipment, but it is still not going to fix the scroll zooming issue. My suggestion would be for Nemetschek tech people to actually try the AutoCad scroll zoom to realize what posters are referring to. Maybe then, Nemetschek can realize and fix the problem. By looking at the posts, this is a very persistent and real problem. I hope this gets fixed soon in a patch or next version of Vectorworks.



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