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here we go again: doors and windows 12.5


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So how much extra does it cost to get a window and door module that works?

1. Open a new file, insert a window from tool set, window vaporizes.

2. Modify a window in an existing file (yes a converted PIO), try to use custom window feature, modify muntins, custom window units disappear, window reverts to a single panel, mutins vaporize.

What gives?????????????????????

Is there some convoluted secret trick I'm missing here?

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For item 1. Its a blank file, scale set to 1/4". There's nothing to send, nothing appears in the file, so not sure what 's the point. So Don, does this mean one cannot simply open a file and stick a window in it?

Item 2: In 12.01 existing windows looked and worked just fine. The interface to change anything stank, but that's a different issue. 12.5 simply doesn't work, the window reverts to a single lite, no matter the size, configuration, # of mutins, mullions, units etc..

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For item 1. Its a blank file, scale set to 1/4". There's nothing to send, nothing appears in the file, so not sure what 's the point.

Visually it may appear to you as if nothing is in the file but that doesn't mean there isn't some clues in the file. Insert the window, save the file and send it. At the very least you'll be able to eliminate a few possibilities.

does this mean one cannot simply open a file and stick a window in it?

No, you should be able to do this.

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jnr, I'm having problems with windows in 12.5, but not the ones you describe. Some 6-lite windows from an existing drawing appear to be fine, and creating a multi-lite window in a fresh file appears okay at first glance.

Maybe there's something about the particular parameters you're calling out. My major problem is with windows that have splayed wall returns.

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I am having huge problems with the PIO window tool as well since upgrading to 12.5 I was never totally happy with the options for the window tool before, but now it doesn't even work like it was supposed to. Two problems of note: one, when inputting dimensions in the settings window, after typing the first character it highlights the whole box so when I put the next character in the first character disappears ie: want to type 24" wide window, type 2, then 4, and I get a 4" window, never seen this before. And the custom sash option just doesn't work at all. I type in how many rows I want and it gives me a ridiculous ht. and wd. to start with, .077" and am unable to change, then click on the next button and get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force quit the program. did this on existing file as well as a new file with just a window in a wall. anyone else out there having similar problems?

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pete, I am using VW 12.5 on a mac running mac OS 10.3.9. As far as the window tool, I am just using the standard place window tool. I run into the problems when I click on the settings tab. All of the problems seem to occur when in the settings window environment. Otherwise it seems to work ok.

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I solved the problem, and will mention it here in case anyone else had done what I had done. When working in 12.1 I had edited my vectorscript plug-ins for windows and doors to modify the information that showed up in my schedules. Now using 12.5 I went into the vectorscript editor and noticed that I had two vectorscript plug-ins each for door and window. After deleting one of each my window and door settings panels work fine.

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I noticed a similar problem. I have a file I started in 12.1 in which the door/window tool editing tools don't work. No trim or muntins show up when selected.

With new 12.5 files, the tool works fine. I just made the doors I needed in a new blank file and pasted them into the old.

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