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Those .IES files that came with RW demo 12.0

Markus Dohner

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Hello Markus Dohner:

Depending on the package you have, look in the Libraries->Objects-Imperial->16_Electrical_Accurate_Lamps.mcd file. In this file are light bulb symbols predefined with accurate light color and brightness. You can drag and drop these bulbs into you model and they produce accurate lighting. The View->Lighting->Layer Lighting Options color temperature should be set to 3400K. Also you will need to use Auto Exposure with the renderings (enabled through the Custom RW Options dialog).

IES files are useful to replicate the non-uniform light distribution from a fixture. Almost all lighting manufacturers make these files available on their web sites. RW will pick up the total intensity from the file automatically if it is in there.

Dave Donley


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So I'm a bit lost. I just spoke with someone at vectorworks who didn't know anything about IES files and said they could not be imported into VectorWorks. I have never worked with these files before, so I don't quite know how to deal with them. I have RenderWorks, but couldn't figure out how to open them in it. Nor is there really any info in the user's guide. Any help in telling me how to open these files would be great!



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