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VW 12.5 pdf files not working at blueprinter's

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PDF files generated using the PDF export function(either batch or single file) generate fatal errors on both Oce Reprodesk and Metaprint machines/software. This happens whether they're color or black and white files, and under any configuration that I tried.

Workaround: use the Print command, set to 300DPI, print patterns at screen resolution (or they'll all be gray), and select the "save as pdf" command. This seems to work on the Metaprint, but not the Oce Reprodesk.

The files are uploaded to the blueprinter's server via FTP - it would be great if there were an option to generate older, more compatible PDF files. It may be that the version of pdf used by VectorWorks is newer than the version these machines (RIPs?) can process.

Anyone else having this problem? I was the only one having troubles at the repro service.

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Although making PDFs with the export command (single or batched) is easier, faster and can be opened and viewed I can't get it printed at the service agency. They keep getting some postscript error.

So I'm currently using the slower print/save as PDF command.

What's the story here,? Does Adovbe need to provide drivers for these agency printers? Is this another game of catchup?

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