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Drape Tool - Export

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I use VW Spotlight 11.0.1 for lightplots, floorplans and modelling, and Cinema 4D for rendering.

In VW 11, it seems that when I export a drape, using the drape tool, I get some nasty vertices along the top edge of the drape. The cinema export PI does not support nurbs, and this effect can be seen in VW by converting a drape to a Mesh.

This seems to be much more pronounced in VW 11 than in previous versions.

I have tried all different ratios of pleat spacing and depth, but no luck in removing the artifacts short of editing the mesh.

Did something change in VW 11?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In versions prior to 11, the drape was composed of several short nurbs segemnts. In V11 it's one numbs surface so Renderworks can render it more efficiently.

Each nurbs segment was about 8', you can try making smaller segments and exporting them?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is no adjustment for the segments, you have to use the curtain object and draw several curtains that are 8' long, because some other applications can't deal with the larger nurbs surface.

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