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Thanks, cbaarch. I am using the Mac version but the file path you described is the same. Unfortunately, the drawings in that file are completely blank, like you are starting a new drawing. This is just one of many things that do not work in this program - I shouldn't have spent the money!

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As I said; the files in the Libraries folder are not Sample Files.

The are not blank either; they contain symbols textures etc (in the Resources Browser for those file where all those things live).

The Object Samplers are Samples of some of the things you would get if you bought the relevant Industry Series upgrade.


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This is just one of many things that do not work in this program - I shouldn't have spent the money!

Actually it "works" as it is supposed to, as described by propstuff.

You have received other good advice, as well. There isn't really a quick short-cut to a formatted drawing file that is perfect for each user. There are so many options and features-it takes time to develop the template specific to one's needs. I have seen an incredible variety of organizing principles and practices. Be patient, become familiar with the features, and use resources suggested above; also see: Vectordepot ,although "drawings" category probably isn't what your looking for, as well as some older content.

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Thanks all, I'll keep trying. It's frustrating because version 8 worked so well for me on my old computer (it doesn't work well on Mac OSX classic environment, though). It contained sample drawings that I could reference for help with how to organize layers, classes, viewports, etc. I guess I didn't expect to be starting from scratch again. I have been trying for a week to export a dwg that my engineer can work with and so far have been totally unsuccessful. Everything I do is now trial and error - not my style. Thanks for all the help.

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Robert Anderson suggested in a previous post that the best way of understanding the organisation is to think of Layers as the where and Classes as the what. If you use this protocol you will have a good conceptual understanding of how you need to organise your drawings.

VW's Classes are equivalent Autocad's layers so if you draw using Classes for the what your exports to DWG shoulfd be relatively straightforward.

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You should have received an upgrade companion guide CD when you upgraded from VW 8 to 12. Please review this CD. It has alot of the missing information you are looking for. The information is delivered in text, screen shots, and movies.

In addition, there's an Architectural tutorial that walks you through a whole house design from setting up layers to creating viewports, saved views, architectural elements, so forth and so on.

I understand that going from VW 8 to 12 is a big leap. There's been a number of improvements and new technologies introduced in the 4 versions between. It will take a little time to get used to the way some of the tools work now as opposed to in VW 8. With that said, in the long run, you are better off with VW 12 as you will eventually become more efficient, more productive, and more precise.

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