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attaching a new color palette

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Katie, in order to have more colours available you have to change the colour palette, but what if you've already got classes and symbols set up to use certain colours? Presumably your symbols and classes will start using the new colour pallette?

This would make it difficult to have both working drawings and presentation drawings in the same file (i.e. if you don't want your symbols and classes messed with).

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Perhaps you could accomplish this using the class override portion of the viewports? I haven't tried using the eye dropper tool to transfer viewport attributes, but if this indeed did work for class overrides, then you could consistently transfer a second set of class settings (i.e. colors) after setting them up just once.

What do you think?

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There are probably a number of workarounds Matthew (such as your suggestion, or using workgroup referencing), but that was my point; they're workarounds and thus difficult. Workarounds are fine in offices with one or two people, but they're a major problem when you have multiple people with different levels of expertise.

I'm hopeful that the colour system in VW will eventually get an overhaul.

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if you want to have many fill colours then use a gradient for the colour. The gradients can be imported form file to file and they don?t use the colour palette for the colour, so they are independent.

If you are in Australia or NZ then you can use the Create Custom Colour command, this will create a 2D or 3D colour for you to match local paint manufactures colours.

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if you use Firefox get the colorzilla plug in

it will give the RGB values that you will need to create VW colours

then go to a Paint Manufacturers web site to get colour chips and run colorzilla over the colour to get RGB

if you create a new palette leave part of 1 column blank

then this becomes your custom colours so it will not mess up class colour assignments if you use that process.

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I believe someone elsewhere has asked for a new approach to the color palette, so that it becomes a named resource instead of an embedded set of preferences. If you're working in Christiaan's context, of course, you would still have to reserve at least some colors as unchanging to serve the classing function.

If you are looking for more than 255 choices in the palette, I wonder how much of an impact that would have on file size, since every object has to have a color, now currently an 8 bit number.

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