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12.5, Disk I/O errors and the odd unexpected exit.

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Is it just me or am I not alone in experiencing the odd Disk I/O error when I try to save files to my server? And then again a "Disk I/O error" when I then try to save to my work to my desktop. This happens a few times before VW eventually lets me save in some sub folder or other. Could it be that both my server and my G5 are both dying at the same time?

Also I've had a few unexpected program endings (AKA crashes), in the past week since I've upgraded to 12.5, seems to happen when I'm pasting occasionally from one doc to another.

I've got a bog standard iMac G5 2Ghz OS x 10.4.7 VW 12.5

Nice speed increase on 12 though, and at last an offset tool that can be used without using the select tool every move!

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