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12.5 new install dongle recognition problem



Hi I'm a new user of vectorworks. I 've installed 12.5 but the dongle is not being recognized by the program ( but my computer knows its there, tells me exactly what it is and that it's installed and ready to use) I've installed all the drivers for it and the lisenceing manager. I've have already try getting the dongle driver direct from aladdin's site and when that didn't work I got on the phone. tech support told me after a few tests my dongle was not programed and sent out a new one. But this new one is excperienceing the same recognition issues the old one had ( dongle not found). Does any one have an idea of what is wrong... is it really possible i have 2 none programed dongles or is there another problem that is being over looked?

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hello im a new user I've installed 12.5 on my mac and pc. at first I could not get ither to find the dongle. after a few long nights i deleted the VW prefrence file on the mac and low and behold it works smile.gif, but since the mac is in the shop right now ...i need to get this working on the pc. ive updated the drivers and tryed to reinstall the program but having no luck. the dongle lights up, and it did work in the mac so...does anyone know of a similer trick for the pc?

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