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VW File Assoications

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12.5 installed and the following message comes up:

One or mor vw file types are not associated with this copy of vw. Do you want to correct this?

So far I have said no as I was not sure what it meant.

Does it mean that all my files will be converted to 12.5?

Or does it mean all my files will be converted to the preferences set in my 12.5 vw from other preferences?

Or does it mean something else?

We have two pcs working from one host pc which stores all the files and both pcs have 12.5 and the same preferences.

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It means "Do you want this copy of VW to be the one that is used to interpret all VW data files?"

"For example, when you double-click on an .MCD file in My Computer or in Windows Explorer, do you want this copy of VW to be the one that Windows automatically chooses as the application that will open the .MCD file?"

Files created by older versions are converted to v12 only when you open them, and they'll be saved as v12. But you're prompted for a filename when saving, so you can keep the old version also if you want.

Each .MCD file has its own set of "Document Preferences", saved with the file, and each version of VW has its own "VectorWorks Preferences", unaffected by which file is currently open.

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The dialog box is asking if you would like VW 12.5 to be the default program that opens files when you double click on the files.

Selecting Yes and NOT checking "Do not display again..." applies only to the current file being opened

Selecting No and NOT checking "Do not display again..." says go ahead and open the file in 12.5, but every time I double click on the file, open in the older version

Checking "Do not show me again..." sets either Yes or No and will not display the box again. If you select NO and checkmark the option to not show again, then all files will not be associated with 12.5 - they will be associated with older versions. This means when a file is double clicked, it won't open in 12.5.

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if you need to start over again

goo to My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - File Types

delete mcd

and it will ask you next time you try to open a file from the folder if you want to associate


if you want to open the file with another version of VW

select the file

hold the Shift key - right click

and you will find "open with" option on the list.

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