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is the HP 650 a good plotter to buy for use w VW?



I am thinking of purchasing a used HP 650 plotter to use with my VW's drawings. I want to be able to print nativly from VW.'s, as well as reduce the astronomical cost of color prints using a 3rd party print house. I would also like to be able to print to ARCH B,C,&D. Any advise on this would be greatly appereciated!



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You don't say what platform you are using. On the Mac, there are many older plotters that are supported by OS10.4. However, the 650 is not one of them. It may work, but it is not listed as a supported plotter.

There are many older plotters that are supported, so you might look at them. I use a 455CA which I have had for about 8 years.

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I plot direct from VW12 to an HP 650c on Mac OSX. I had to buy ESP Print Pro ($50) to get decent print quality from it. Before that, I tried using settings for other legacy HP plotters which are supported by OSX but got poor results (through CUPS). I can't speak to color quality - I have to get some repairs done on the color heads as more than a few of the nozzles are not working.

Note that if you are on Mac you'll need to get the 650c or another model with Postscript. Also load the thing up with RAM and get the J4100A 100 Base-T Jetdirect card (if it doesn't have it already). Plots aren't the fastest from VW, but this helps. You can find them on ebay pretty cheap.



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