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flattening cone section

the pang

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We are trying to figure out how to get a flattened view of a section of a cone. I can draw it in 3d no problem but we need a view of the outside surface so we can get a banner printed to wrap around it.

The outside radius is: 78.3464"

The inside radius is:69.2913"

The height is: 20.0787"

I am running Vectorworks 11.5


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This is called unfolding and VW itself does not have this ability.

With that said, if you do a search on the website, you will find a few others that have recommended other software that does support this technology.

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Is it export function in DWG to TouchCad or is it internal Add - On in VW ?

TouchCAD is a stand alone free form modeling and unfolding program, being able to model, shape and unfold very complex shapes. Dynamic cross sectioning and all control points on the objects gives an excellent shape control. TouchCAD is also a true five dimensional program, where all panels have a set of parametric unfolding properties to provide an interaction between the 3D shape and the unfolded parts. Unfolded parts can also be nested for optimal use of material, without loosing the dynamic link to the 3D model.

TouchCAD communicates with VW using DXF or VectorScript.

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As I recall , there used to be a mapping app built on Minicad SDK called "Azimuth". It could produce various standard projections including Conic. Is it still viable ?

Azimuth has been discontinued

Current owners of Azimuth should use the "Contact us" button to reach me for support.

For support of VectorWorks, please contact Nemetschek



"Me" above is not me.

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I received the following email on March 20, 2007 after using the "Contact us" button

"Mr. Robertson,

Yes, Azimuth can do that. However, Azimuth doesn't have any datum corrections such as northings and eastings. It simply uses the specified ellipsoid. The UTM projection of files is accurate and you can designate lat / long grid lines to be plotted but not the metric grid. Nad83 would have to be entered as a Custom ellipsoid, and if necessary I can supply those settings to you as well as for any other ellipsoids.

The latest update of VectorWorks 12.5 has made it necessary for all plug-ins to be recoded and recompiled. Right now, the only version of Azimuth that is compatible with VW12.5 is the Intel Mac version so Azimuth for PowerPC Macs and PCs must run VW12. Also, because of coding updates, I'm considering suspending sales of Azimuth until I'm satisfied with the results I'm getting. If you are interested in purchasing, please let me know beforehand so I can let you know of Azimuth's status.

If you have further questions, please let me know. Thank you,


Richard Furno



301 622-5042

866 223-6793 Fax"

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"Go figure" is a phrase expressing surprise at a topic of discussion or event described, or indicating the unlikelihood of whatever the preceding statement describes. It is often used with different connotation and/or as a pun in titles or slogans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_figure_%28disambiguation%29

Can someone translate for me because I think I am missing the point (to use another metaphor).

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It's kind of like "Who knew!?" but not as question-ish, and perhaps a little mix of the casual & non-rhetorical "I don't know..."

I see it as a slang term (sometimes sarcastic) added to a phrase that doesn't make sense, or is illogical to someone. OR it is used when someone doesn't really know the answer or can't figure it out, and casually adds it to the end of a phrase as a comment implying such.

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I received the following email on March 20, 2007 after using the "Contact us" button

Interesting... I hope NNA bought the current GIS-technology from Richard Furno. These are (undocumented*) Object Variables in VectorScript:

Projection Type


0 (Lambert Conic)

1 (UTM)


Lat./Long. vs XY Flag


True or False


Georeference Point




Georeference Offset




Not to mention Shape-file import & export.


*) They are documented allright, ie. listed. No-one knows what they do or how they are supposed to be used.

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Check out this site/software. Works well with VW.


I found the demo for this software to be straight forward and easy to learn. It looks to work quite well with some projects that we have in progress.

I'm trying to purchase a copy of it and am unable to get a response from Lamina Design. Does anyone know if Paul [the person listed on the site for contacting] is ok and/or has moved on to other endeavors?

Thanks for you help!

Mark Barnett

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