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Hybrid Symbols as Groups


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When I either place hybrid groups (from the Resource Browser), or convert placed hybrid symbols to groups, their 2D or 3D components (depending on whether the view is 3D or 2D, respectively) cease to exist. I'd have expected all of the original components, both 2D and 3D, to be placed. I know it's possible to create a hybrid group... Am I missing something? Thanks!!

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Hi Jonathan,

I understand that if you edit a symbol, ALL instances of that symbol in the file, including in the RB, are updated. I thought the idea of converting a symbol to a group (whether by converting the symbol, or by selecting the 'insert as group' option when making the symbol) was so that a unique instance of the symbol, that could be edited without affecting the others, would exist. For example, if I wanted to place some cars and make one a different color, I could do that and still have both its 3D and 2D representations. Or maybe you're going to say that I should just make another symbol, for a red car instead of a blue one. Another example: I went to edit a symbol, but wanted to do it in context. So, I placed it as a group (since when editing a symbol you can only see the symbol itself), and I expected that I'd have both it's 2D and 3D components to work on so that I could then re-save it (and over-write) it's original definition.

In any case, thanks for your reply! While I don't fully understand its behavior yet, at least you have confirmed that this is indeed the way it works. Thanks, Will

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Thanks for the feedback. Making a second symbol for a different color car is reasonable and even makes sense. But I think another reason I wanted to place a symbol as a 2D/3D group was so that I could edit it with respect to itself and/or with respect to other stuff in the file. When editing a symbol, it seems one is limited to working on only either the 2D or 3D component at one time. It seems it would be nice, for example, after making extensive modifications to the 3D component, to be able to snap to it when updating it's 2D counterpart (as you can do when originally creating the symbol). As it is, I guess one can always place/create separate 2D and 3D groups of the symbol, and then work on them, and then re-save them as a symbol. But why can't I place the 3D component horizontally? Generally, it seems there are fewer constraints available when working in 3D... Thanks!

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