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DTM > send to surface > grass / paving etc.

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I've been using Designer/Landmark for only a short while.

I have a fairly large site and the DTM looks ok. I'm on the way to discovering pads, fences etc. but my knowledge is limited.

On flat sites I used to use the floor slab tool to give pavement and grass a thickness for the 3D model.

Is there a smilar way to drape areas of paving & grass etc over the site with thickness?

although the manual says extrudes, slabs, meshes etc can be sent to surface I can not get this to work. only symbols, ungrouped 2D and 3D polys work.

If there is no specific object, I don't mind doing a bit of 3D modelling as long as it doesnt take too long.

Thanks for any help,


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I'm converting the dtm site model into a 3D mesh and adding/subtracting extruded shapes to create the different levels.

this should allow me to update all the different surface types by re-converting updated dtm's and pasting into the addd/sub groups.

any other ideas welcome, this is quite time consuming :-(

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You shouldn't need to do modeling to make levels in a DTM.

Use a Pad and a Fence and update to the Proposed DTM.

The new DTM module is a dream to use compared with previous versions. VW12 is better still.

Texture Beds are supposed to be ably to be sent to the surface and textured, but they've been a bit pernickety for me.

Using the " Drape" modeling comand will give you a NURBS surface that can be trimmed with Project and Trim to make different areas which can be textured.



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drape surface isn't working for me. the site is quite smooth but the nurbs surface is increadibly lumpy and very slow due to the size of site (54,000 sq meters) the lowest datum point is about 54m above 0, i set the drape at about a meter below this. I'm using version 12.5 (just updating sig)

I don't have renderworks so unfortunately texture beds are of no use. Fence/pad seems to only use the same class/attributes as the site model and are assumed as a flat slope.

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On 9/21/2006 at 5:46 AM, jezscott said:

I don't have renderworks so unfortunately texture beds are of no use. 


Does hardscape tool allows you to use texture beds?  Thats what I use.  In the OIP there is a drop down menu for 'Show 3D' and you can choose Texture bed if you want it to conform to the contours of the site model.  You can then select the hardscape and apply a texture, or you can apply by class.  You have to make sure that in your site model settings that layer is allowed to modified the site.  There are other 3D options in the hardscape tool, like slab, but for flat hardscape I usually just make an extruded polygon and set it to the z height that I want.  It seems easier to me because then I don't have to create as many pads and contours.

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@jezscottYou should be able to apply a texture to the site model itself. If your looking at creating specific areas of hard or soft landscape you can use the hardscape or landscape area tool. A texture bed can be applied to any of these which will hug the ground or newly created surface. Here's a link to a previous thread on how to apply a texture bed.



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