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I wrote my original post with word "dimension" where I meant to say "Unit". Here is the edited version:

Isn't there a way to use several unit styles in same drawing? Eg feet & inches on one layer, decimal feet on another. Or even different styles in same layer? If I use Document Settings>units to change style, all dimensions in drawing change to new unit style. It would be nice to be able to control this for any dimension from OIP, or a way to have the pref work only for dimensions created after the pref is changed, leaving older items unchanged. Seems like it worked that way in earlier versions. And while I'm at it, a text size bar for a selected dimension in the OIP would be really handy.

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Sorry, perhaps I used the wrong word. I will try to edit the orig post. I do not mean the ISO, ASME, Arch, etc. dimension style which you correctly state can be changed in the OIP. I guess I mean the Units style which tells the dimension tool which units to show: Feet & Inches, Inches with fractions, Decimal feet, etc. I want to show decimal feet for the engineer on one layer of the drawing and feet & inches on another layer for the fabrication shop. I may want to have some elements in decimal form and others with fractions on the same layer or sheet. The custom units feature allows unusual measurement units, but does not allow several to display simultaneously. But thanks for your reply anyway.

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OK, I see it now. Setup secondary units in File>Document Settings>Units, then select any dimension object(s) in the drawing and use OIP to choose ASME Dual or Side by Side. Only then does the Dual View box appear in OIP. In Dual View box select primary, secondary or both.

To take it a bit further, in File>Doc Settings>Doc Prefs>Dimensions the standard (what I have been calling the style) can be changed (Arch, ISO, ASME Dual, etc). This leaves previously created dimensions unchanged, while newly created dimensions will display with new standard. Selection of pref for ASME Dual modes, causes new dimensions to display as both primary and secondary, so if only secondary style is desired, each new dimension must be changed in the OIP (or several can be selected and changed together in OIP).

It would be great to have an option for Both/Primary/Secondary in the File>Doc Settings> Doc Prefs> Dimensions window in addition to the OIP option.

Too bad Dual mode is limited to ASME style.

Thanks cbarrch!


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