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Update to 11.5

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I have just done the update to 11.5, twice and both times after the installation completes and the restart, when I try to open the program, I get the message that ?VectorWorks requires that up-to-date dongle drivers be installed. Please install the drivers and relaunch VectorWorks.? As part of the update I saw a box that the drivers were being installed. The dongle is lit. The driver is listed as file version 1.11 for akscoinst.dll, 4.10 for akshasp.sys and 3.33 for hardlock.sys. I will be going back to the backup copy of 11.0.1. Thanks.

Windows XP

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I did another update on my home machine and there it worked fine. The difference seems to be that my office machne is not initializing the dongle after the upgrade. I am not sure and it is not clear in the upgrade instuctions whether the dongle should be plugged or unplugged during the upgrade. At home I didn't have it plugged in and after the restart that the upgrade does, I plugged in the dongle in and windows "found new hardware. I am going to try again today between classes.

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It worked better the next day. It seems to make a difference if the dongle is unplugged during the installation. Since the dongle just lives back there in the hub, I forgot about it.

I am going to like some of the new features such as the sketch rendering option. I haven't found out yet if it can do hidden line in sketch mode.

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Yes, you can sketch a hidden line rendering. Just bring up the 'Line Render Options' dialog in the View>Rendering menu. If you check 'Sketch hidden line results' checkbox in this dialog, any hidden line rendering will sketch.


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