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Importing Word Docs into VW Arch. 11.5

Andrew Mac

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Not really, except you can copy/paste into a text box, but will lose most formatting (tabs, etc). We had a string starting on 6/21 that ran through some options, including using url's, keynote formating and the like, but no direct importing of Word (or Excel) documnets,let alone linked (interactive).

12.5 has a PDF capability that seems promising, though I have not used it. Anyone tried yet?

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Welcome to vectorworks hell. I've resorted to exporting my specs out of excel into InDesign, printing to PDF, opening in Illustrator, saving as a DXF then importing into vectorworks so that my file size does not spin out of control because the program will not save your formatting on a PC (yes there is a company bias) if you try to import as text, so you are left to import as an image which becomes a bitmap of text. Its insane. I can only hope that the new PDF algorithm (12.5 is worth the upgrade) will save a few steps here. If Nemetschek would simply suck it up and pay for Object linking with Microsoft (go look at Archicad or for that matter Adobe InDesign) the text would come in as a linked object, whcih you could then edit directly in Word.

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