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Font Bold?


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We use Century Gothic (bold) as a font for our title page, and after I updated to 12.5 the font plots out more bold than before. Its very noticeable on the sheet and looks quite awkward actually, however it looks the same on the screen. Any reason for that? Any fix? We didn't have that problem with any previous updates. Thanks!

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hi cbaarh,

the only options I have is the latter option where its that normal Century Gothic with VW setting to Bold. Again the plotting of the font was fine in 12, and all of a sudden got extra Bold with the update. I've been looking around to see if there are settings in 12.5 to make it a normal Bold, but have not been successful. It's a bit annoying when things look different after an update, and no changes have been made to a file...

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Hi Katie,

I found a driver update, installed it, and had the same poor results with 12.5 and HP 800.

I pulled the same file to another computer that has 12.0, plotted it out on the same plotter and it looked fine. I do think there's a compatibility issue with 12.5 and HP 800 and hope there's a fix for it soon. Thanks!

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UPdate the OS to 10.4.7 and run disk utility.

You may need to run the Printer Repair utility in the print center to ensure the driver is fully updated.

Then, run Disk Utility to verify and repair disk permissions.

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It's happened on two different files I've worked on since the upgrade, and I just tried it on a blank file (with the same results) so I'm assuming it'll happen on all files. I'd be happy to scan in the plots from 12.0 and 12.5 and email it to you for you to see. Please let me know where to send it to. Thanks!

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