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Constraints Palette Won't Stay Put in 12.5.

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Is the workspace folder by chance locked/read-only? The workspaces?

It sounds as if you are able to edit workspaces, so perhaps a weird issue is cropping up.

I am able to place the constraints palette in my lower right hand corner of the screen without any issues.

The "available" space is reduced by the Apple Dock, so perhaps you are placing the palette beneath that dock and when we reload, and make sure that the palette fits in the window, we are moving it vertically above the dock?

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I'm having a couple of similar problems with my recently upgraded 12.5. My workspaces won't 'stick' either. Everytime I re-open the program I have to re-select the workspace I was working in before. Additionally, although I'm not sure this is related, every time I try to use the "Fit Walls to Roof" command the program freezes/crashes. Just a little annoying. Anyone experiencing similar things?

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This occurs for me in my Powerbook. The Constraints palette seems to hate one particular spot in the lower left screen, and just by about a quarter inch. Swapping with the Attributes palette worked for me, and I don't use my laptop that often. Perhaps there are "undesirable areas" of the screen for the palette?

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Did you try to create a new user account, install VW, and adjust the workspaces? (per our discussion the other day)

If that still doesn't work, zip or stuff your workspace and send it to tech@ along with a detailed description of the problem.

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