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Window Schedules Revisited


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The window schedule does not display the windows in order based on their ID #.

I played with the display order by sending some windows and walls to the back, front, etc. and it changes the display order in the window schedule!? Why don't they display in order (W-01, W-02....) by Id # - is there a way to change this in the window schedule?


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The secret is in the sorting icons which appear at the top of the spreadsheet window when you select the database row. The sorts are ascending, descending and the third subtotals (counts) all the same entries.

Drag the ascending icon into the column you wnat to sort by in the database row and it will order the windows (doors) according to your system.

It is good that you know the other secret to proper ordering - to put a zero before the ordinal number so that the schedule will sort properly. e.g your example W-01, W-02 ... W-09, W-10 will sort properly. W-1, W-2, etc. will order as W-1, W-10,W-2, W-20 etc.

I hope this helps.

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