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michael john williams

12.5 uk version


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yes as it will have uk version items, check out:


and this is what we got from cu:

You will have to register to get your free VW12.5 CD. (if you are on VW12).

Please do this now. Go to http://www.unlimited.com/3ddesign/vectorworks.html

Do not update off the Nemetschek web site as it is not a UK Standards version.

You only need to register one of your VW12 serial numbers to get the cd.

Without doubt the finest new feature is support for INTEL Macs!!!! An INTEL 3Ghz Mac is 12 times faster at drawing in 2D than Dual 500Mhz G4, and almost twice as fast as a 2.5Ghz Quad G5. Please contact me to have a chat about the implications.

What's fantastic is that opening and saving a VW12.5 file on a network server is upto 30 times faster on a Mac and upto 5 times faster on Windows!!! (Please note that the Mac speed on a network server was crap and that it has just caught up with the PC!)

On the Windows Platform, there is now an export option for PDF, the Macs have always had it. By the way it is much better to "export as pdf" rather than "print to pdf" or "distil to pdf". There are many reason which I am not going into here.

Volume control for VectorWorks Sounds! Turn up iTunes, turn down the bloomin' clicks!

Full new features are available. Just ask if you'd like them.

Export for Google Earth. I've heard it's not as good as SketchUps, obviously.

DWG/DXF compatibility is even better with auto unit settings and an alert for missing xrefs.

I would advise that you don't load the software for a few days until we've had a chance to put it through it's paces and made sure there aren't any big bugs. If you would like me to contact you when we feel it is ready just reply to this mail.

One last thing. I have ArtLantis Studio loaded on to an INTEL Mac Pro and it is awesome!

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The email we posted above we received from:

Richard Furber

Apple Solutions Expert Architecture



who directed us to the CU site as the NNA UK rep for the upgrade discs

the CU site also says 12.5 has UK drawing standards and the current 12 version we have is a UK version with Ideal Standard and Twfford sanitaryware

I must say we have received the disc today and there is no UK version written on them and so I am reluctant to install, especially as our current intalled 12 is a UK version.

Also the disc is DVD which is a problem for our older pcs with CD drives only.

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Hmm, didn't know there were UK versions of VW floating around. Didn't think Computers Unlimited were up to it.

In any case, one way around your CD/DVD problem is to create a disc image of the DVD and open it off your hard drive or a network. You create disc images in Mac OS X with Disk Utility. Dunno how you do it in Windows.

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Well installed and no problems so far!

Also has come with Bjects Metric which includes Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, Jeld Wen, etc.

CU have also emailed me AEC UK Standard to add to the standards folder.

I presume this means I have the UK version and I will let you know how I get on.

How are you getting on? Have you converted your pre 12.5 to 12.5 files ok?

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