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12.5 Instal Freeze



Went to upgrade my version 12.0.1 to 12.5. Downloaded the Installer from NNA, opened the zip file and ran Setupseries A, got through that part all right, then it got to 88% and the download thing came up and was downloading Part 1 of 2 and the computer froze, so i restarted the computer, and then tried to run the installer again yet it tells me that i am running the latest version, so im missing out 12% and part 2 of whatever it was downloading, is the only way to correct this do a total reinstal of VW so that i can install Version 12.5 fully.

im Running windows XP

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The dialog box remains at 88% will the updater

install/updates the file

there should be 2 windows

which can take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your connection

make sure you move the 88% window and you may find

VW successfully installed

the 88% never goes to 100% it just goes away

if you click OK on Installed successfully

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There's an OK box that, in some cases, hides behind the the install box around 88/89%.

You need to move the install box out of the way to click on the OK button.

Once OK is clicked, the rest of the installer completes.

Please note, this only happens when "YES" is selected in the install wizard window asking if you want to check the internet for updates.

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Please could someone look into this issue... The 12.0 Install CDs didnt work, the 12.01 Upgrade didnt work for me and now the 12.5 Upgrade does not work either.

By the way: this did not happen on a single esoteric system configuration. I tried it on several different computers in the office, ranging from G4 to Core Duo, and I also tried everything else: single user mode, fsck, firewall off, extensions off, network on, network off, clean install, secret hack from the internet....

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We've moved alot of downloads over the past week. It could also be that at the time you download and ran the updater, there were enough people connected also downloading, that the install would hang.

Here are the things I can suggest to you today:

Try to re-download and run the updater

Try it on another computer, if that's on option. If it works, then copy the folder to a disk and then to the local computer

Request an installation disk 888-646-4223 or sales@nemetschek.net

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