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tabs in text box show up as little boxes

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is only a problem on Windows. It will be addressed for the next release of VW.

For now, there is a good work around, if you have 230 MB of free space on your hard drive. Go to the Regional and Language Options control panel. On the Languages pane, turn on the "Install files for East Asian language" checkbox. Then click on OK. You will have a few more fonts in your fonts menu, but the boxes will go away for every font except for a few Chinese fonts (and you don't have those fonts anyway until you turn this on). Once a new VW comes out without this problem, you can turn this off, and Windows will remove these files, and your font menu will be back to how it is presently.

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By using your method bruce it looks like it has done the job, but when i export my drawing to PDF to print it the problem is still there.

How are you creating the pdf? Using Acrobat Pro 7.0 I don't have the boxes. I use the following setup: print as Postscript, and uncheck "Do not send fonts to Adobe PDF" in the printer properties options.

Using the new Export PDF command, I do get the boxes.

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i hope this gets patched fast because i've just printed a

whole tender set with tabbed notes + keys that is fairly

illegible on account of little black circles in ROTIS

font + hollow black squares in any truetype font.

no time to redo the text without tabs.....

it's ridiculous that screw-ups like this get

through the testing phases!

very not happy...

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