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PDF Batch command

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Are you getting the problem immediately when you select Export>Export PDF Batch?

OR are you getting the problem once you've added the sheets and click ok ?

What DPI do you have set for your sheet layers?

Have you tried with other files, or just this one file?

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Are you using the Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design or Designer workspace?

If you are using one of the Foundation (standard, classic) workspaces, the batch export won't work.

Likewise, if none of this seems to make a difference, contact tech support or customer service to verify your serial number is authorized for one of the industry specific products.

If it is, then you should request a 12.5 installation disk be sent to you. I then recommend installing from the disk, after completely uninstalling the current copy, and trying again.

If it still doesn't work, contact tech support.

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na it froze when i tried the first time, so i did a complete unistall then put on 12.1 then did the upgrade again and it worked fine.

edit: although when i went to test in on another computer it went through first time no worries. and that is having the same problem

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  • 8 years later...

I am having the same issues with "some" files.

VW2015 wont Publish or Export from Sheet Layers as a pdf (Even if I have opened a VW2014 file and resaved it as a VW2015 file) on certain files that I have pasted jpeg images to compliment my drawings. It behaves like is is processing the data but no file will show up on my computer when it is finished. These certain files will export from a Design Layer but they give me a damaged pdf when I try to open it in Acrobat Pro 11. I am working on an iMac 27", OS 10.9.3.

When I creat a new file in VW2015, it publishes and exports just fine.

??? When I delete a particular jpeg image I pasted into my VW2104 drawing that I opened in VW2015 and try exporting as a pdf, it exports just fine and opens as a PDF with no issues???

Somewhere in the software there is a glitch in how it exports image files that are inserted into a file?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Did you already update to 2015 SP1?

If you open the PDFs in Preview instead of an Adobe product, do they appear correctly?

If you create a new blank file in 2015 and add one or more of the suspected images into it, does it allow publishing or still fail?

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I did updated to 2015 last week. We have multiple users of the software in our office and waited to update until everyone was ready. I have kept 2014 on my computer for just the scenario I am experiencing.

The pdf's will not open in preview either. I get a damage file warning.

If I place the suspected jpeg image in a newly created file, it will export it as a pdf but will not open in adobe or preview. Damged file note for both.

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I'm having a similar issue with some VW2014 files containing a jpeg image opened in VW2015 en then try to publish to PDF.

It will only show half of the image in Adobe Acrobat. In Bluebeam it does in the end show the entire image, though with quite a bit of a delay.

When published to PDF in VW2014 it works fine. After exporting from VW2015 to VW2014 and then publish to PDF it also works fine.

If this applies to pre-VW2014 files as well then it is going to be a pain to rely on only VW2015 for publishing to PDF if there are jpeg images in the VW file.

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