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HP Design Jet 455CA page set up

Heather Fagans


Does anyone out there use (or still use) this plotter and has effectively set up the page size for Arch D? Our office uses Mac OS 10.4 G5s, and VW 12.0.1. The plotter takes a 24" roll of bond. The annoying occurence that I can't seem to fight my way out of is the right hand edge of the sheet (edge coming out of printer first) cuts off the title block - enough to crop the sheet number and eliminate that border. There's a 1/2" margin on the right edge, but even so margins have been set for 1/2" all the way around, there's about a 2 1/2" margin on the left. I'm contemplating spending time, paper and ink to get the thing to print, and I realise this may not be a VW issue, but figured I'd ask if anyone else has invented the wheel so I don't have to...


Mac OS 10.4.7

2.1 GHz Power PC G5


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I'm using a 455CA. Set page size to Super A1 (it will change to this even if you set it to Arch D)

Like Katie says, make sure "One printer page" is selected.

Workaround (VW 12.5.0) batch everything to PDF and print from Adobe Reader. Check your page setup is Arch D and make sure you check "Advanced" in the Print dialog box and check "Print as Image" otherwise nothing may happen.

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I use the 455CA with no trouble. I use Super A1>Arch D. I do find that the printer will cut the paper after the last image. This can produce a lot of sheets that are less than 36" long. The fix for me is to place a very thin line at the left edge as part of my title block.

Feel free to ask if you need anything else.

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