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Editable worksheet Noise


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Just wanted to keep the "noise" up regarding being able to sort editable worksheets by two colums or more. Would be VERY useful!

If anybody else is in favor of this...please respond!

It is probably wishful thinking for having this available in 12.5....hmmmm....speaking of 12.5...aren't we due pretty soon!...anybody?!


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If Nemetschek doesn't do it in 12.5, I will, but it will be part of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight. I think a much better solution would be for Nemetschek to make the worksheet reports interactive with the database records they display. That way you could have as much sorting as you wanted, and you wouldn't have to run a second macro to assign the changes you've made to the lights. It would also apply to any record, so that all the users of VW would benefit.

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12.5 is just out. No 2 field sorting. A 3rd party solution to that will be available shortly. Till then, you will find that you can sort Channels, Dimmers, Circuit Numbers, and Unit Numbers, by using the "Alt-" fields. This will sort the numbers correctly. The most useful sort, for now, is select all the units in one position and then make a worksheet sorted by "Alt-Unit". HTH

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Thanks AutoPlot!!

"Alt" sorting works but is sort of a pain. Any idea when your AutoPlot software will be ready??!!!

Also, when you do a custom selection, you can save the selection as a script. I was trying to do a custom selection using "position" as a modifier...no dice! It'd be nice to be able to have "Find and Modify" create a script!

So when is the new AutoPlot coming out again! ;-)


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