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Problems with Workgroup Referencing and Printing



I have been trying to print some floor plans superimposed over a workgroup referenced site plan and have not had any luck. I'm on VWks 12 Architect, WinXP, PC w Pentium 4 / 128 RAM and printing over a network to an EPSON 7600. The actual file size is large (16MB - for the whole file - containing numerous sheets and 4 main presentation drawings) but when the file is spooled it appears as over 1GB! The file that I am referencing is only 4MB and I have been able to print these size drawings before. I can print these drawings at A3 size with no hassle - just the larger format that isn't cooperating.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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The plotter has to represent *everything* (even blank space) in memory.

If you had a 24x36" sheet at 300dpi, it would take 24x36x300x300 = 77MB in grayscale, or 3x that for colour = 233MB. Multiply by 4 for 600dpi (2x in each direction = 4x total), and it's around 933MB to represent your drawing as a bitmap.

So 1GB is not an unreasonable spool size.

The same drawing at A3 would only be 11x17x300x300x3 = around 50MB at 300dpi, or 200MB at 600dpi.

Usually inkjets don't have very much memory, so they rely on the computer they're connected to (hence why the letter size ones cost less than their own cartridges).

In your case, it may be that 128MB just isn't enough RAM to deal with the big size.

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