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Alternate stair plans vs. design class

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Turning auto-classing off turns it off for ALL plugins. If you only want the stairs to be affected, simply move the stairs to different classes once they are created. You can move an object to another class (as long as the class already exists) by selecting the object and selecting a new class in the Class Drop down box in the OIP.

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I believe you can assign a default class in the object properties window under the "Stairs" Vectorscript plug-in editor.

Yup...I do not use auto classing and have changed the default to one of my classes and the stairs drop to that class all the time...I also assign the arrows and data to one of my classes using the 2D Detail section of the General tab in the Stair Settings window (by default they will drop to the active class unless specified in this window). I've tried to change the class parameters but they do not read modifications....

Pete Anthony

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Thanks, Pete. It is more that I wnat to do a series of options to test ideas, and not have to have a new file each time, or have to move one stair out of the way each time I want to try a new one. Also, I don;t see the object properties window you mentioned, at least in the PIO editor. In the Object Properties pallette, I have tried, and it just reverts to the default stair class.

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You need to change the default class in the plug-in editor under tools > Scripts > VectorScript Plug-In Editor. This will open the editor window where you can scroll down and find the Stair Script. Highlight the Stair Script and the select the Properties Button...then add the class you want as the default under Default Class:.

You can change this as often as you need to put stairs on different classes. This will ensure that the stairs do not revert back to Vert Trans-Main Class when you modify them...howerver each time you edit the stairs they will be classed to the default in the Object properties window.

Pete Anthony

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