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Lighting Instrument Data

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It's been a while since I've used Vectorworks and I'm dropping Spotlight symbols of source 4s.

I don't see the nifty data fields on my plot (You know... like the unit #, and that hexagon for circuit number, dimmer number or channel number, etc.)

I can look at the Light Info Record and see all kinds of wonderful things about S4 lekos, but I still can't find a place to type in: Channel 2.

How do I get the instrument data fields to show up on my plot? How do I get Vectorworks to Number my units?

Thanks a lot, Guys.


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1) Make sure you've created lighting instruments, not just symbols. Select all those newly created units, go to Spotlight - Create Instrument

2) You need to create Label Legends for the assorted units. This is also done in Spotlight, Label Legends. Here you can create the assorted legends needed for all the various units on the plot, up to 25 total legends. Note that it's a snap to grab all these legends from the plot on the next plot - use Resource Browser - Files and Folders - Browse a Document, go to label legends and import all the legends from the existing plot. Also works with any specially created symbols - Center Line, Piaster Line, Booms, Box Booms, etc...

You then need to assign the appropriate legend to units so as to see Channel circle, color, unit number, etc...

3) You number units by selecting all the units on the position - now's a good time, with units for a position selected, to go to Find and Modify and actually match those units to a position. You did a Create Position when you added them, didn't you ?.

You can group select a positions worth of units and - go to Spotlight - Number Instruments. Here you can select an auto arrangment, or do a manual number - works well for booms, as example


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Thanks for your help. I'm still having trouble.

Apparently I didn't install Spotlight properly. Spotlight doesn't appear on my tool bar or in my Resource Browser. I have all of the symbols that come with it, but I can't create instruments, nor can I access Spotlight/label legends.

Is there a special installation step for Spotlight that I might have missed?

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You can re-build the menu and tool bar by using the Workspace Editor.

Go to File, Workspaces, Workspace Editor - Edit Current Workspace. Make sure that Spotlight is in the right side panel of the Menu and Tool sections.

If not, you may not have it installed.


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