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Creating roof valley lines with dual pitches


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The valley angle can be defined and drawn by the rise of roof 1 over the rise of roof 2. Per your first illustration the valley angle (ratio) is a 10/6.

Example to form valley of 10/12 and 6/12 roof:

Draw a line 10 units horizontally. From right end of that line, draw a second line 6 units vertical (up). Draw a third line connecting the ends of the first 2 lines (the hypotenuse). That is the left valley.

Sorry for the long winded explanation. Actually much easier just double clicking on line tool and entering values for X and Y.

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Panthony, the roof object can do what you need very easily. All you need to do is create a roof object using the complete 'T' shape with a pitch of 39.806? and then modify the parameters of some elements:

- Alter the slope of the individual roof faces forming the 'T' to 26.565?.

- Change the Thickness parameter to Vertical Thickness so the different roof slopes match properly.

- To get the eaves heights the same either adjust the eaves overhangs to the lower pitch roofs, or the pitching height, whichever is correct for your situation.

This will give you the valley lines you are chasing in rendered views. If the 'T' slopes need to be rendered differently to the other roof slopes Ungroup the Roof Object to convert it to its individual Roof Faces.

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I realize that the roof tool will create the simple roof I used as an example. However the roof tool will not work on the complex roof samples I displayed. In the case of the complex roof layouts you need to work with simple roof objects to build most of the structure than you need to convert to hidden line and trace over with polys to make the planes. The roof tool needs some work to create complex structures and with that work I believe that NNA will add the trim plane features that we are all looking to see.

Pete A

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if you make your big roofs using a combination of different roof objects, then once they are in the right location you can ungroup them to convert them into individual roof faces. Delete the roof faces you don't need, and double click on the remaining to change there shape so that they meet were there supposed to.

Big pain in the neck but it should work. until some thing better comes along.

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