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Object Info Palette Freezes VW12

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Another issue I've come across since upgrading to V12:

Sometimes my OIP freezes. No matter what I select or deselect, the OIP stays with the previous selection. The issue is only specific to 1 open window, other open files work fine. Sometimes I can resolve it by opening up another file and selecting, then deselecting something. Sometimes I have to quit and restart Vectorworks.

Any ideas?


VW Spotlight v12.0.1

Mac OS 10.4.7

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Ethan, I've had that same problem for some time; however, its been much more sever in that nothing but restarting helps. I also noticed one other post a while back with the same issue.


Mac 10.4.7

VW 12 Architect

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I was having very similar problems and hope that I have fixed it. No freezes for 6 weeks.

Basic problems might occure from graphics card problem - not properly seated.

Interference with the user profile.

Interference between different applications.

Possible solutions:

1) For Mac try creating a different user profile and work under that to see if the problem still happens.

2) unistall all applications (or try a re-install of OS to rid of all info). Then only install VW and workfor a while and see if it is OK. Then add a new application slowly one by one, working for a while with each before adding a new one. This may help isolate the any interference.

In my case I believe that it was interference from the network mail system. A new user profile and email address has seemed to clear the problem.

good luck


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