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editing doors and windows en masse


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Is there a way to edit several doors or windows together through the preferences window? For instance, could you change the jamb lineweights for multiple windows?

I've been able to select multiple objects and open the preferences window, but the changes only apply to one of the objects.

Many thanks for any guidance.

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You may save a single occurance of a window or door as a symbol and any revisions you make to the symbol within the drawing will affect all occurances of the symbol. However, this means that you will need to create redundant symbols for instances where the window or door parameters will be different...say for instance you would like see the same window in two seperate locations with different head heights. This will require two symbols of the same window with different parameters. I have set up my standard window configs as symbols to make it quicker to insert them to the model. If I need to modify a single instance to change the parameters than I duplicate the symbol, change the parameters and insert to the model. I also save the new symbol to my favorites standards drawing for future use.

Hope this helps.

Pete A.

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I apprectiate your rule...however, when I have the occasion to insert a new window or door I tend to insert as a plug-in rather than symbol. Then If I find that I use the object a second time I import to my favorites library and save it as a symbol for future use. I have had to index my symbols into a numbered system and have a hardbound binder which keeps track of the numurous symbols collected over the years. Being new to VW I have adapted the same concept to my symbol library creating a new binder to index and categorize symbols.

Pete Anthony

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Thanks, guys. I'll shift to dropping in windows and doors as symbols.

Honestly, though, I don't understand why this has to be the case. If you have many different window/door configurations, you end up making symbols for each one and then altering all of them when the time comes to make some minor adjustment.

Why can't VW edit mulitple window/door objects at the same time (e.g. changing all jamb dimensions to "fit to wall," or all sash lineweights to .25mm)?


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...I'm surprised the window/door properties can't be changed all at once.

This should be the case. I have so many different windows in a custom residence that placing as symbols would still force many actions to replace glazing line weight, for instance, that could be done globally.

Unfortunately, one is not even able to SELECT all the windows globally due to there necessary interaction with walls (a serious peeve of mine from way, way back).

I'm hoping window/door editing and insertion are addressed in the near future.

cheers, mmm

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There is a downside to this; the plugin objects are no longer aware of the wall, meaning they don't know which is the left and which is the right side of the wall and you can't create things like wall cavity returns

So true ... but as Hybrid Symbols they allow for annotating the 2d ... I just add a thin redline to indicate the outer face and sometimes also include the spec.

code. On balance the extra effort required to create a few generic window/door instance symbols then duplicating & modifying them prior to insertion seems well worth it. I'm sure that by now most of us have thousands of symbols within dozens of libraries ; )

As mention in previous posts, I spend a lot of time just working within the confines of the Resource Browser.

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Not to belabor the point about the sanctity of Symbols. But over the years I've grown accustomed to their behavioral limitations.

Many of the limitations are not necessarily weaknesses but protocol strengths forcing awareness of precise insertions as well as protecting against undesirable global changes from outside the Resource's container.

The power of Symbols resides securely within the scope of their container.

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I have just upgraded to 12.5 from an earlier vrsion. I have been trying to edit the Standard double hung sash window with colonial round head, 2v +ih muntin with sunburst to represent a proper English Georgian window (in which the sunburst doesn't converge to a focus) without success. Nor does it seem possible to edit the upper and lower sashes individually to get one horizontal mintin upper and lower. So I want to edit the provided graphics to achieve an acceptable result and redefine a new symbol. Can someone please suggest a way to do this as neither Fundamentals nor Architect manuals were helpful.

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As anyone tried the 'Info Editor' by Charles Chandler that is advertised on vector depot? I just wondered wether this could be the solution. If it works it would be much easier at last to be able to use the windows plug in directly. For the moment I'm using symbol with attached records, it is a nice system but it requires a lot of editing work... On the other hand, i've experiment so many bugs over the past versions with windows and doors that I'm a little reluctant to abandon a cumbersome (yet reliable) symbol system to switch to PIO windows which sometimes behave pretty bizarly... providing the info editor tools is a fine one. Any body knows it?

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You bet me to it Limei, i was just browsing Vectordepot and saw it, then i thought i would come and post bout it in this topic. It looks promising, dont know if i want to spend $30 on it or not though. Maybe VW could buy the tool off him, that way they dont need to re in vent the wheel.

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Every Door & Window Object should be inserted as a symbol !

Would anyone care to explain this further. I still do not understand this logic.

Basically, using symbols allows for global changes of settings & attributes.

Problems are readily resolved from with the safe and pristine confines of the Resource Browser ( where I seem to spend most of my time ; )

It also provides a quick and easy resource for building symbol libraries.

Build once use many !

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