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Ok, I have one very improtant room that I must be able to see what gobos will look like in. So with that I can't see them. I have tried putting up different fixtures and still nothing. They all do the same thing. If I tell the fixture to project the gobo, then I see nothing. If I take the gobo out then I see the light fine. What gives. I can see gobos in other rooms that I have created, so why not this one. Is there a property or something that I need to change?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Which rendering mode are you using? Have you tried a differnt Gobo that you know works in another room? Are you using the same instruments in this room as the other rooms? Is there something in front of the light? Rendering in fast Renderworks will often show the light, but it will not render the Gobo. Only Final Quality Renderworks will show the projected Gobo.

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