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Callouts turn into un-editable 'plug-in objects'


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This has occured on several of our files; as far as I can tell, at some point, all objects in the file (callouts, detail tags, section tags, etc.) turned into un-editable 'plug-in objects.'

The OIP shows them with no editable attributes, dimensions, etc. Unfortunately, there have been multiple people working on the set, so I can't determine a clear history in terms of what has been done to the files. Is there any kind of fix for this, or will we need to either explode all our annotation symbols/make new ones?

I'm reluctant to use callouts, etc. after this, on the chance that we'll end up with another set with uneditable notes right before a deadline.

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The other thing to check is the object type you have selected. Select the callout. At the top of the Object Info Palette, you should see the object type listed. What is the object type?

As Cris suggests, make sure you are not using a Fundamentals copy of VW, too.

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In the OIP, the callout is simply called a 'plug-in object' and has blank x,y,z, and rotation fields. It shows a class and layer pulldown tab; class is editable, layer is not, as it's within a viewport annotation space.

We use basic Vectorworks, but the file has not left the office, and all of our seats have the base Vectorworks licensed.

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