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X,Y,Z coordinate database worksheet

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I understand the database features of worksheets.

The question is how do I assign the realtime X,Y,Z coordinates found in the Object Info window of my symbol to a record attachment automatically?

I understand and know how to assign data entry record attachments like "dimmer" or "channel". But realtime X,Y,Z coordinates are different unless I enter them manually based on placement of the fixture. Is there a way to link the realtime X,Y,Z information of the Object Info palette so that the X,Y,Z coordinates are automatically assigned to a record format? Specifically I want to be able to create a database worksheet with this coordinate information for export into 3D visualization software.

Maybe the process is much simpler than I can figure. Is there an existent link from the symbol that is not a record attachment recognizable in the paste function of the worksheet?

Does anyone know of a script or a process?

Greatly appreciated.

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I am interested in an answer to this too.

Because my pipes are all straight and hang flat, the only data I am really interested in is the X-Axis data for each light, since I can grab big groups of lights for each electric in my 3D Software and give them all identical Y and Z coordinates at once.

Is there a way to export the X-coordinate value as a field to Lightwright?

Alternatively, is there a way to use Find and Modify to copy the X-coordinate value to an unused field (like User Field 2) and THEN export to Lightwright?



Vectorworks 11.0.1

Lightwright 4.0.7

Mac OS 10.3.7

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ethan, you are not the first one to express the need to obtain the value of X. i've been on the tech board and to the tech support about it. i tried using "x center" which is defined in the manuel as the way to obtain x, but it brings back the value of the bonding box of the object and not the value of x.

i took my problem to the theatre list. many people expressed the same need. Sam Jones(autoplotvw) published on the list a script that did just this and it works great.consult theater list archives march 2004.

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Thanks Bruce, that script did the trick.

For anyone reading this string in the future, you can find that script on the Nemetschek Theatre Mailing List. You need to be a subscriber to the list before you can access the archive.


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