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Door Records & Schedules

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Hello all,

I am trying to auto create a door schedule using symbols and record values in a drawing. I have managed to create a symbol called door type 1 and attach the record values I want in the schedule to the symbol. The problem is when I update the default values in the symbol it does not update symbols already in the drawing.

Does anyone know of an automatic method for updating the records of symbols already placed in a drawing? Any help would be very much appreciated.



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I can change all of the records simultaneosly by selecting all the symbols and changing the tags. I could be a pain if I recalculate the table and 1 out of 120 doors is incorrect. I think the way I can get around that problem is by having unique door id's for each symbol.

Has anyone created a vectorscript for the above problem? I don't know how to write vectorscripts at the moment. Are they difficult?

Thanks for the suggestions people, muchly appreciated.


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