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Problems Exporting DWGs

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I am having problems when exporting DWGs from Vectorworks 11.5.1. It seems that some files take a long time to regenerate when they are opened, to the point where they are causing our consultants' computers to crash.

In one case I am exporting from a sheet layer, which has four viewports (although the problem remains even if i delete three of the viewports). The drawing has several different wall types with different hatches, and quite a lot of symbols.

I would have given up long ago if it wasn't for the fact that I have successfully exported other (more complex) vectorworks drawings in the same way, and in these cases the process seems to work really well - in fact the drawings look exactly like ours in AutoCAD.

Obviously I am frustrated as i can't understand why some files seem to work and others don't, particularly as i can't identify the distinguishing factor.

Any advice would be much appreciated!!


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One thing I would suggest is save the file you want to export to a seperate file. Then purge it until you cannot purge anything else. I would also suggest geting rid of the viewport all together bringing everything to design layers if you can. Then export. I have placed in the wish list for the capability for VW to use the print command to export. Hence producing a 2D single layer Dwg that is a replica of the drawing as viewed when printing.

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This issue is now solved. (I work in same office as Tom)

The problem arose from a custom hatch in the drawing which which was set with the parameters too small. Modifying the hatch in Vectorworks stopped the freezing behaviour when the exported drawing was opened in AutoCAD.

Thanks Hamma for your help

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Hello everone,

Unfortunately the problem with exporting dwg's from Vector Works is still not resolved although the situation is slightly better, (I also work in the same office as Tom and John).

We have now managed to export dwg's from the vector works drawing succesfully ... with one exception. We have a hatch fill which is used for a curved wall in one of our building projects. The hatch seems to work fine when exported to a dwg as a straight wall, but when used for the somewhat more complex curved form, the exported dwg appears with a large solid fill that almost covers the entire drawing - but strangely bears no resemblence to the shape of the wall anyway?!?!? We have tried reduced the density of the hatch, purging the drawing, and following the process of saving it as a seperate file - as per 'The Hamma's' very useful suggestions, but alas we are still experiencing problems. Has anyone else had problems with exporting a curved hatch fill to a dwg format?

Any help would be so very much appreciated.


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