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Magic Vanishing (almost) Resource Folders

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This item is new for me. I have been importing a number of resource folders into a new blank document to use as a workgroup file. When you view the folder list by pulling down the resource sub-menu I can see a number of folders which are again farther down in the folder hierarchy. But when I select the actual main folder that this "sub-folder" is supposed to be in it does not show up. I can move things in and out of these "ghost" folders, but since I cannot select them directly from the top level I cannot delete them.

I find that most intriguing.... and since I just spent 3 hours cataloguing and sorting (an arduous task with the Resource Browser) these folders I would prefer not to have to start again.

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Yes, all the visibility options are selected. It is not ALL the folders, it is simply a folder nested two levels down under the "Top Level" menu. I can see it if I hold the pull down menu open, and I can select it if I move down to it from this menu. I cannot see it however, if I work my way down clicking through the folder levels. (I have no idea if that makes sense to you)

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