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Extruding BaseBd Profile


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Using a 2D baseboard or crown profile and extruding along a path works for me except for contolling the locus point. The path extrudes on the center of the profile and not the edge that should be against the wall. Maybe I'm not placing the locus point properly. How do you place the locus point at the bottom, wall side of the basebd profile so the path can be drawn on the edge of the wall?

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Thanks, Arch.Ken, I hadn't thought about being able to adjust the profile on the path after it was extruded. That sure is easier than offsetting the path from the wall before extruding (I always seem to pick the more complicated way). Usually, I just overlap two extrusions at the corners, and they render correctly, but this project has a lot of outside corners.

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you aren't doing anything wrong. That?s the way that extrude along a path works. I?ve tried to place a locus to define the path/profile relationship but VectorWorks doesn?t like it and de-selects it.

Create the path and profile. Use Etrude along a Path, then double click on the object to exit it.

Choose to edit the profile

then move your object so that the part that you want to be on the path is at 0,0 in the editing are.

When you click on the exit group button at the top right of your screen your object is re-created with the correct insertion point.

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Okay, I think I have a good start on editing the profile. Now, how about editing the path. When I double click and choose to edit the path, there is a NURBS curve as the help file explains it will be. Clicking to add a vertex gets a curve instead of the straight edge I had. I know I have to learn more about NURBS, but how do I keep these edges straight when I edit them? Thanks for your patience.

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Don't forget that on the OIP there's a little "Reverse Direction" button which can flip the Profile from the inside to the outside on curves.

Where is this... I dont show a 'reverse direction button on my oip for extrude along path objects? Please explain

He means when you choose the Edit Path option: There is a Reverse button for the NURBS path which will reverse the direction of the path. Effectively this flips the profile over to the other side of the path.


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