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Dealing with rendered roof fascia color or texture


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When rendering a roof the top and gable end are easy to set for texture. But how do I set the fascia or just the edge of the roof? I can make the whole roof object a color and that works on the render but it messes up the 2D drawing. Do I have to build my own 3D fascia to fix this?

Thanks - Larry

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Larry, you are right there are some issues with this. I have solved most of them by using "by class" attributes, including textures, for all my roof parts. Then, in the VP I use the "VP class overrides" to change the graphic(s) for each particular view as req'd. It isn't really as diffucult as it sounds. Check it out :-)

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Peter - Do you mean the "VP Class Properties" when you say overrides? All I find is the visibilities or I can edit the texture choice. I also see the ability to set the roof top, dormer, and gable end walls, but how do you set a texture for the fascia. I'm feeling dumb... but that's not that unusual. =-)

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Larry. No, what I meant was as follows (modify to your particular req's): first creat an object (wall, roof, cube, whatever), then create a new class (call it wall class, roof class, whatever). Go to the CLASS setup and double click on the new class, make sure "use at creation" is checked (for textures too) then set up the graphic properties you want (line color and weight, fill, texture, etc). Now, back in the drawing select your new object and in the OIP change its class to be the new one you just created. You should get a message asking if "you want to use the graphic attributes of the class", say YES.

Now for part 2: create a VP which contains your new object. Place the VP on a sheet layer, make sure the new class is "visible" in the VP. Next, with the VP selected click on the "classes" button in the OIP. Then, in the class list that pops up single click on the new class you created, then with the new class selected click the "edit" button at the lower left of the dialog. You can now change the graphic attributes of that particular class for that particular VP.

There are some things to watch out for: The original class definition MUST have "use at creation" checked; the object(s) MUST be set to "by class" for all attributes, including textures; If you are doing this with WALLS, you must use the WALLS tab when setting up the original texture, also when you first create your WALL definition you need to check the "by class" attributes button; If you are doing it with ROOFs then you must use the ROOF tab (unless it is a ROOF FACE, in which case the 'general' texture setting will apply - I think this is weird, but...).

What does all this mean??? I can now (for example) model a house with dark wood siding for 3d presentations, and then use the same model to print 2d elevations, by overriding the dark wood (which prints as a black blob) to white, or whatever.

Good luck, and have fun :-)

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Is the issue still the same?


Don't we have an option to control the Graphic properties of roof fascia?


I'm using VW 2021 and I don't find a setting to control roof fascia texture and 2d graphics.


I want to show my roof in dotted line in plan view when I use VP class override I'm able to control other parts of the roof but not the fascia.


Can you explain if there is a way to control the graphic attributes of roof fascia?



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