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Sink in countertop


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If I place a pio cabinet sink base with countertop drawn, and then place a sink onto the countertop, the rendered view only shows the top surface of the sink and the countertop is not cut. To render properly, I have to place the cabinet without the countertop, then place a pio countertop with the cutout sized for the sink, then place the sink. Before version 12, I just placed a sink, and it cut the countertop. Does VW 12.0.1 require the extra step of placing a cutout countertop?

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Robert, I went back to one of the 3d projects I had done, and I guess they were the same way. Until now, I only rendered exterior views, and the interior cabinets were simple elevation views which didn't show the countertop not being cut. Thanks for setting me straight.

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