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scans on upright truss

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I have figured out how to make vertical truss etc on stage but want to put GS HPE upright on trussirror out...

Am I right in thinking I can't rotate item unless I follow the instruction in other posts and ....copy the symbol, ungroup, rotate in required plane, then re-group.

I am new to vectorworks, is there anywhere I can dl or can anyone mail me some example 3d plots, inc renders?

Thanks in advance


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"GS HPE upright on trussirror out..."

Feeling language challenged....

Just out of curiosity does anyone do 3D plots? I've never been asked to do one.....especially since I would have to customize each architectural "spot" light source to every theatrical lamp....much easier to put up a couple of light sources in the right area pump up the ambient light and use the symbols just for "eye candy" and templates.


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hi craig,

i have been able to do what you want, here is how i do it.

on a g5, os10.3 vw sl 11.0.1.

1-in the object information palette, make a duplicate of the lamp you want to modify.( select lamp,resources/duplicate.then rename it ( name. hang))

2- select the new lamp then resources/edit, in 3d component. in the edit workspace, select the complete symbol, go to side view and rotate it 180 deg. deselect the symbol and exit edit workspace. you now have a lamp( 2 symbols) that is good in top plan, and can hang or sit in 3d view.

e-mail me for a plot if need be.

hi siska, one might want to show where the ml goes on an upright truss so that the electricians can assemble the beast with a good chance of getting it right. cause in top plan view 10' of upright truss with 3 par cans and a mac 2000 look pretty weird,but in front view, it's like a picture. something about a 1000 words.

but beware, a problem with sl is that a visuallisation of a beam is impossible if the angle (beam to horizontal plane) is less then about 20-22 deg.bummer!

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Originally posted by Ziska:

..and I have never heard the word "trussirror" in my life....so that's a serious question- what the heck is a "trussirror"? (okay- laugh- call me a scene designer- I don't care- what the heck is a trussirror?)

I think he may have meant to say "on truss, mirror out"

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Yes, I understand needing a front elevation- but I was unaware of truss with lamps "attached" as a symbol. I've just placed the truss- then placed each instrument in the elevation view...maybe there is a problem I'm just not understanding? Is there a nifty click and go tool to do this which I've been ignoring all these years?

..and I have never heard the word "trussirror" in my life....so that's a serious question- what the heck is a "trussirror"? (okay- laugh- call me a scene designer- I don't care- what the heck is a trussirror?)

Back to rendered plots..has someone actually asked anyone to give a full renderworks sketch using the actual lamps as the light sources? I've always found SL's strength in the paperwork-and 2D- not in the rendered 3D sketch (a missed opportunity in my book- but hey that's just me).


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