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show/hide 3d elements with classes&layers

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Hi everyone,

I really have problems working in 3d...when the full scenery is kinda packed...to click one of these elements is almost impossible.

But organizing them in layers doesnt work anyhow...

does anyone know why or the reason for my prob?

Thanks in advance


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One technique is to group certain objects and make sure "Show Other Objects While In Groups" is unchecked under Vectorworks Preferences. Then you can double click into groups of related objects and work on them in isolation.

I'm sure the talented islandmon will have some better advice for you though.

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Both grouping and symbols work the best for me. I do a lot of work directly from the Resource Browser ! Then, Layer Linking is essential for complex projects. Most 3d objects can be reduced to a minimum set of repeatable parts configured as symbols. Be mindful of the Plane-Z rotational limits of Hybrid 2d/3d symbols.

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thank you all for your help and ur really quick answers!!!

...grouping objects makes sense to me but what about the advanced stuff putting them into symbols...I don t know about that but it sound very useful.

I work most of the time with composing solid objects together?

/w regards


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